Who Installs Commercial Insulation?

Elkhorn Insulation, Inc. in Townsend, MT will take care of your property

Did you know that commercial properties devote one-third of their energy costs to heating and cooling? Elkhorn Insulation, Inc. offers commercial insulation services to improve your existing insulation coverage. There are numerous benefits to adding new insulation, including:

  • Increased energy savings
  • Temperature control
  • Condensation control
  • Noise reduction
  • Environmental sustainability

A temperature-controlled work environment also helps stabilize employee health and productivity. Contact Elkhorn Insulation, Inc. today to get a free estimate from our commercial insulation contractor.

We can also soundproof to your space

We offer an array of insulation types, including fiberglass, spray foam and rockwool. We also install blown-in fiberglass to cover attics including the ceiling. You can also request acoustical insulation using fiberglass or rockwool to help dampen sound on your property. Our crew completes commercial insulation installation for office buildings, schools, department stores and shops, such as Starbucks and Office Depot. We've also provided commercial insulation for buildings in the Bozeman, Montana area, including agricultural and manufacturing facilities. Call 406-949-0435 today to soundproof your facility and increase the energy efficiency of your commercial property in the Townsend, MT area.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a commercial insulation contractor?

When contractors build a new home, the insulation plan is relatively simple. They usually insulate the entire building envelope, which consists of the outer shell of the house. In smaller commercial buildings, such a plan may also work. However, for larger buildings, a more in-depth plan is needed.

At Elkhorn Insulation, we have been providing commercial insulation throughout southwest Montana for years. We have the knowledge to evaluate your building and design an insulation plan. This plan may include insulating the areas where people work as well as applying insulation for noise reduction. We personalize each insulation plan to the building.

Do you work with spray foam insulation?

Yes. Depending on the design of your commercial building, spray foam insulation may be part of the plan. Spray foam is good for oddly shaped areas as well as vertical spots. Because of the malleability of spray foam, the insulation seals around edges and holes to make the building envelope as airtight as possible.

We are knowledgeable and adept at applying spray foam insulation for commercial construction projects. We use machines to mix two chemicals and heat them up before conveying them via a nozzle to the target area.

Do you offer eco-friendly commercial insulation?

Elkhorn Insulation provides several options for eco-friendly commercial insulation, including:

  • Cellulose fiber
  • Rigid cork
  • Denim
  • Wool
  • Mycelium

We can incorporate these green insulation products into a customized insulation plan to best fit your projects needs and goals.

What are some additional considerations for commercial insulation projects?

Here at Elkhorn Insulation, we will advise you on your retail space regarding what type of insulation and where to place insulation so it reduces both outside noise and that from other offices or cubicles. If you have a warehouse or factory, we can similarly devise an insulation plan to cut back on noise from the machinery or large reverberations.

In addition to sound considerations, we will advise your commercial insulation project regarding:

  • Prevention of moisture condensation
  • Fire protection
  • Protection of personnel
  • Reduction of pollutant emission

We want to help your retail or commercial insulation project be as smooth and effective as possible. Give us a call today.